There are plenty of reasons to buy a pre-owned Lexus; not only will you get a luxurious vehicle from a quality manufacturer, but you’ll also spend less time worrying about depreciation.

Of course, it’s still important to make sure you’re getting the right vehicle, which is why we’re sharing three questions to ask yourself when you find a pre-owned model you love.

Are There Service Records?

Before buying a pre-owned Lexus car or SUV, it’s important to review vital service and maintenance documents. Looking at service records is a great way to assess the condition of a pre-owned car or SUV. It will not only alert you to any problems in the vehicle’s past, but it will also give you important information about parts replacements as well. 

How Many Owners Has the Vehicle Had? 

A pre-owned vehicle having more than one previous owner isn’t a dealbreaker, especially if it’s an older model. However, multiple owners in a short span of time could be an indicator of trouble, which is why you need to be extra meticulous about assessing the condition of the vehicle.  

What Type of Technology is Included? 

Technology is always evolving, so something that might seem standard now—for example, Bluetooth® connectivity—might not be available in older vehicles. Similarly, some newer cars might have moved past outdated technology like CD players, so if you have an extensive CD collection, you might prefer an older model. 

Pre-Owned Lexus Models in Florida 

Whatever you’re looking for in a pre-owned vehicle, you can count on our Lexus dealers in Florida to help you find the perfect model. Call or visit Lexus of Jacksonville today to start your pre-owned car-buying journey!