When the time comes for your next Lexus oil change, look no further than Lexus of Jacksonville. Our job doesn’t end the day you drive home in a luxury performance car or SUV. We also want to make sure your vehicle continues to drive smoothly and safely, which is why we provide expert vehicle service and support. Here are a few of the signs that you’ll want to bring your vehicle in for an oil change.

Your Fuel Economy Drops

One of the best ways to boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is by getting regular oil changes. When the oil in your vehicle becomes clogged or old, it moves through the parts and systems in the engine more slowly, which means you use more fuel to go the same distance. A sudden drop in fuel efficiency is often an indication that you need an oil change.

You Hear Knocking Sounds

You always want to pay attention to strange sounds and smells from your vehicle, so you can get the service you need right away. If you hear a knocking sound coming from the engine compartment, it may mean that the oil is no longer lubricating your parts properly and that parts are actually grinding or rubbing together.

Your Vehicle Vibrates at Idle

If you notice that your vehicle is vibrating when you slow down or when your car is idling, it may indicate low oil levels. Without enough oil to lubricate essential parts, your engine creates excess friction, which can end up rocking the whole vehicle.

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No matter what your Lexus service needs might be, Lexus of Jacksonville is the dealership you can trust. Learn more about Lexus oil change service and get the care your luxury car deserves today!