Your Lexus vehicle runs best when all components are working as they should — and that includes the brakes. The braking system ensures that you always slow and stop when you need to, so damaged components can lead to disaster. If you notice any of the signs below, it’s time to stop by Lexus of Jacksonville for Lexus brake service.

Poor Brake Performance

Your brakes should be responsive, with the ability to slowly apply them for a smooth stop or more abrupt stopping power for an immediate stop. If your brakes are no longer responding as they should, resulting in a delayed stop, this is an indicator of poor brake performance. Luckily these issues are usually localized and easy to fix with expert Lexus brake service.

Squealing or Grinding Sounds

One of the most common and apparent signs is brake noise in the form of squeaking, grinding, or squealing. Unusual brake noise can be an intentional indicator that the brake pads have worn down to bits of metal that emit a high-pitched sound, though something like a rock or debris can get stuck in the brakes creating noise as well. Brake pad grinding can be a more serious issue that should be addressed immediately.

Brake Pedal Vibration

Vibrating while braking may shake the entire vehicle or go straight through the steering wheel. This issue may be more noticeable at higher speeds and may be caused by uneven wear on brake rotors. This issue can worsen over time with brakes and rotors wearing unevenly. If you experience unusual vibration, whether minor or severe, bring your Lexus to our service center immediately.

Schedule Lexus Brake Service in Jacksonville, FL

When you schedule your brake service at Lexus of Jacksonville, you can take advantage of an unrivaled experience courtesy of our Lexus experts. Contact us today to schedule your brake inspection or repair — we are here to help!