There are many reasons why drivers think about purchasing pre-owned Lexus SUVs. Whether you’re trying to save money or you don’t want to deal with the depreciation on a new car, sometimes a pre-owned model is a better match.

Whatever your reasons for considering a pre-owned Lexus GX 460, you might have some questions before you take the plunge. One common question local drivers have is how well pre-owned vehicles do with city driving, and we’re here to help.

Lexus SUV City Driving 

What does it mean for a Lexus vehicle to be good for city driving? And how will a pre-owned Lexus SUV do on city streets? Fortunately, Lexus SUVs excel in the following areas:

  • Size. This is one of the biggest perks of our Lexus SUVs, since city streets are often narrower and city parking spots tighter. While any SUV can manage in a city, more compact pre-owned SUVs like the Lexus UX or Lexus NX are perfect for traffic and parking.
  • Mileage. We all know good mileage is important for long road trips, but it can be very important on city streets as well. Due to frequent starts and stops, city mileage is typically less than highway mileage. However, a hybrid SUV like the Lexus RX can ensure you’re not burning through fuel too quickly, even in the city. 
  • Ride quality. You’re much more likely to encounter potholes and bumps in the city, and time spent waiting at lights or in traffic jams can make you very aware of the comfort of your ride. Luckily, all Lexus SUVs are equipped with luxury and comfort features, and you can count on an enjoyable ride even in previous model years. 

Pre-Owned Lexus SUVs in Jacksonville  

There are plenty of great pre-owned Lexus SUVs that are perfect for city driving, and you can find them at our Jacksonville Lexus dealership. Call or visit Lexus of Jacksonville today to find your perfect pre-owned SUV!