If you’re shopping for a luxury vehicle, don’t overlook your pre-owned options. Here at Lexus of Jacksonville, we sell plenty of impressive pre-owned models that still have long lives ahead of them.

If you’re wondering whether or not a pre-owned Lexus SUV is reliable, pay a visit to our dealership so you can see their quality for yourself. 

Built to Last 

One thing to remember about Lexus models is that they are built to last. Lexus vehicles, including crossovers and SUVs like the Lexus NX and Lexus RX, get high marks for reliability every model year. These are cars that are meant to be driven for years and years, so one that’s just a few years old still has a lot to offer.  

It used to be that 100,000 miles on the odometer meant that a car might not last too much longer. However, modern vehicles are built to last, and a Lexus vehicle that hits that six-digit mark is just getting started.   

Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Program 

If you’re really concerned about reliability, you need to check out some of the L/Certified models on our lot.

These aren’t just any pre-owned SUVs. These models have met the Lexus brand’s highest standards. They’re relatively new, have low mileage, and have all passed a comprehensive 161-point inspection.  Additionally, they also come with their own warranty coverage and access to a roadside assistance program, so if you do run into any mechanical issues, you’re covered!

If you’re in the market for a family car that you can rely on, visit our Lexus dealership in Jacksonville. Our dealers will help you find a dependable pre-owned Lexus SUV or crossover that you’ll love. Check out our certified pre-owned Lexus SUVs today!