Are you interested in a 2018 Lexus IS or one of our pre-owned Lexus vehicles? Whether you want to buy or lease a luxury model, the chances are good that you’ll hear a car buying myth or two as you shop for your next vehicle.

Car buying myths range from falsehoods that are rather funny to mistruths that can end up costing you money. One myth that can hit you in the wallet is the notion that a car’s purchase price and your monthly payment are the only two numbers you need to pay attention to when you’re in the process of buying an automobile.

While those numbers are important, your loan’s interest rate and the number of months your loan will last are equally important. If your interest rate is too high or your loan lasts too long, you may end up paying much more for your automobile over the long-term than you planned.

If you want to learn a humorous myth, here’s one that might make you smile – you should only buy an automobile when it’s raining outside. Ready for another one? You should only purchase a car on a holiday weekend. The idea behind these two laughable myths is that few consumers will be car shopping when it’s raining or a holiday so dealers will be eager to make a deal with you.

The truth is, the weather has no influence on our final prices. While we sometimes run promotions at our Jacksonville, Florida Lexus dealership to celebrate a holiday, we always strive to give you the best deal currently available year-round.

To learn about some other car buying myths, give us a call or visit Lexus of Jacksonville today.