When you visit our Florida Lexus dealership, you might find it’s hard to decide between buying a new Lexus car or a pre-owned model. With pre-owned vehicles getting increasingly reliable in recent years, choosing between a new and previously owned automobile is more difficult today than it’s ever been.

Buying a new car has some enviable advantages just like getting a pre-owned vehicle does. The key is to analyze the benefits of both options. Once you identify the benefits that are the most meaningful to you, choosing between the two alternatives will be much easier.

Besides the new car smell, the biggest advantage to purchasing a new Lexus vehicle is that it will be covered by a warranty. Having all the latest features is another advantage that intrigues a lot of motorists. If you buy a new luxury car from our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership, you may qualify for a special that can help you save some money on the model of your choice.

The most significant benefit to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is sidestepping most of the rapid depreciation that new automobiles notoriously experience in the first 12 months they’re privately owned. Because pre-owned vehicles depreciate slower, you can retain more equity in your car. Plus, pre-owned vehicles typically have lower purchase prices, so drivers are often able to step up to a higher trim or model without straining their budget. If you buy one of our L/Certified by Lexus vehicles, you’ll enjoy having a warranty, much like you would if you’d purchased a new car instead.

If you need help choosing between buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, we encourage you to visit our Lexus finance department near Amelia Island, FL to get some help. We look forward to seeing you at Lexus of Jacksonville soon!