Are you interested in getting a new Lexus IS or one of our pre-owned Lexus vehicles? Whether you want a new or previously owned automobile, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to Lexus of Jacksonville for service regularly to ensure it continues to operate smoothly.

While you may not see them in the routine maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, alignment inspections are one of the services you’ll need to have performed regularly. Even if you don’t notice any indication that your automobile is out of alignment, you should schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Lexus service center near St. Augustine, FL to have your alignment checked every six months or once per year at least.

When an automobile is misaligned, it will often exhibit some signs that may become increasingly obvious the more you drive. For example, a car that’s out of alignment will typically pull to the left or right. The vehicle may also require you to hold the steering wheel in a crooked position even when you’re driving straight ahead as well. If your wheels squeal, your automobile might be misaligned. Similarly, if you notice that your tires have uneven wear patterns or you have to replace your tires long before you should have to, it’s likely your suspension needs to be realigned.

Has it been six or 12 months since your alignment was last inspected? Have you noticed a sign that indicates your vehicle is out of alignment? In either case, we encourage you to bring your car over to our Lexus service center before costly problems emerge from what would have otherwise been an affordable, quick fix. For more information about alignment service, contact Lexus of Jacksonville or visit our convenient location today.