We hope you know that you only need to head over to our Florida Lexus dealership when you’re looking for Lexus cars for sale because we have an extensive inventory of the latest Lexus models in our showcase. Just like we sell new luxury vehicles, we also sell previously owned automobiles that are as dependable as they are sleek and feature-rich.

We want you to know that we’re also your source for Lexus parts, accessories, and automotive service. In fact, we offer a long list of maintenances in our Jacksonville, FL Lexus service center. Some of our services can help you save on fuel this summer and in all the seasons that will follow. From adjusting your tire pressure and changing your oil to tuning your engine, a lot of our services can put a dent in your cumulative fuel bill.

In addition to bringing your car into our Lexus service center whenever it needs routine maintenance or a repair, there are some other things you can do to lower your fuel costs. Using a gas app is one of the smartest things you can do. Apps like GasBuddy and Fuel Finder will tell you where you can find the most affordable fuel in your area no matter where you’re located.

A lot of fuel is consumed idling even though you’re not moving. With this in mind, you should plan your route in advance so that you’re following the path that has the fewest stop signs and traffic lights. If you’re in the habit of idling while you wait for someone to get in your car, make it a point to turn off your car while you wait instead.

For more tips that can help you save on gas, contact Lexus of Jacksonville today.