If you’re interested in buying a new car but are worried about the costs involved, consider exploring your trade-in options. When you have the help of expert Lexus dealers here at Lexus of Jacksonville, you’ll enjoy a fun and easy car-buying process from start to finish.

Our team can answer any of your questions about trading in so you’re fully informed before you sign on the dotted line.

Benefits of Trading In

While your initial thought when transitioning to a new car may be to try to sell it on your own, this process can become needlessly tedious. Even if you get an accurate estimate of your car’s value, you will likely deal with buyers who are unwilling to pay a reasonable price for your vehicle.  

Not to mention, it can be difficult to get the timing right when selling your car. If you sell before you find the right replacement car, you may be stuck having to rent a car while you search for a new vehicle, which can be costly. If you don’t sell your car right after buying, you may not be able to make as large of a down payment on your next car as you would like.  

How to Value Your Trade 

To kick off the trade-in process, use our helpful online appraisal tool. All you have to do is enter the make and model of your car and input its mileage, condition, and year to get an accurate estimate.   In seconds, you’ll get a fair and accurate estimate of your car’s value, giving you the confidence you need to visit our dealership and find a great new car. 

Still have questions? Contact our Atlantic Beach Lexus dealership today to learn more!