As Lexus dealers near St. Augustine, FL, we get excited whenever a new Lexus model is about to arrive at our location. Right now, we’re thrilled because two exciting, all-new Lexus vehicles are scheduled to arrive at Lexus dealerships throughout the nation soon: the 2018 Lexus RX 350L and the 2018 Lexus RX 450hL.

To get drivers excited about the upcoming arrival of these three-row SUVs, the Lexus brand will launch a comprehensive marketing campaign beginning on January 13th, 2018. The integrated marketing campaign will include ads that will appear on both national and regional levels. The promotional push will include print advertisements, television commercials, digital ads, and radio spots.

A general market TV commercial titled “Emily” will start running on national television on January 13th. This ad demonstrates the versatility that you can only get from a three-row SUV by showing a young family in various scenarios many drivers contend with on a daily basis. These scenarios include Emily’s parents driving her to a birthday party and loading dogs into their Lexus RXL while reserving enough room for Emily’s stuffed animals.

During the commercial, Emily explains that the Lexus RXL is hers even though her parents think the SUV is theirs. Near the end of the spot, Emily’s pregnant mom asks her daughter if she’s excited about the impending arrival of her baby sister, which leaves Emily with a surprised look on her face. A voiceover then explains that the new Lexus RX has space for the unexpected.

While we don’t have the new Lexus RXL models at our Jacksonville, Florida Lexus dealership yet, we do have a full inventory of new Lexus cars. To learn more about when the three-row Lexus RXL SUVs will arrive at our location or to find your next Lexus vehicle, visit Lexus of Jacksonville today.