Don’t let a dead car battery put a damper on your day. Being prepared with these Lexus service tips can be the difference between a simple fix and spending hours on the side of the road. Based in St. Augustine, FL, Lexus of Jacksonville is here to help guide you through the process of jump-starting your Lexus safely and efficiently.

Before You Get Started

After phoning for roadside assistance, check nearby for a helping hand. Get out your jumper cables or ask if they have any you can use. Locate your Lexus manual and brief over the safety section that reviews jump-starting. Be aware of any loose jewelry or accessories and remove them so you don’t get shocked. Locate your car battery and take the cover off. Remove dirt and debris from the area if necessary, and you are ready to begin.

Jump-Starting your Lexus Step by Step

Once your help has arrived, have them park close to your Lexus, front-end to front-end. Make sure everyone is parked. For the vehicle with the dead battery, the parking brakes should be engaged, and the ignition completely off. Make sure nothing is plugged in, including chargers.

From here you can clamp the positive (red) cable to your Lexus’s positive battery port. You can then connect the other end of the positive cord to the booster vehicle’s positive battery port.

Next, attach the negative (black) cable to the booster vehicle’s negative battery port. The other end of it can be linked to a non-painted metal surface on your Lexus. Be aware that nothing is obstructing the cords and start the booster vehicle. Wait a few minutes, then try to start your Lexus. Allow both vehicles to run for roughly three minutes while still connected.

Remove the cables and disconnect both vehicles in the opposite order in which you connected them. Allow your Lexus to run for 15-20 minutes before heading off to your destination.

Visit our Lexus Service Center for Battery Service

Do you have any lingering questions? Contact our experts at Lexus of Jacksonville, your local Lexus dealership for any of your service inquiries. We are on standby with plenty of service tips and tricks so you can be prepared for when you need them most.