When you own a pre-owned Lexus, It’s especially crucial to give your vehicle the maintenance and care it needs. Here are a few tips from our service technicians at Lexus of Jacksonville to get the most out of your Lexus car or SUV.  

Don’t Put Off Oil Changes 

Oil changes are always an important part of auto maintenance, but particularly with a pre-owned vehicle. While a new Lexus vehicle needs synthetic oil, not all pre-owned options will, especially if they have high mileage. Oil compromises over time, and without it, your engine parts can overheat and become warped. You could also face complete engine failure.   

Regularly Inspect Your Tires 

Tires have a limited lifespan. It’s important to regularly inspect your tires to make sure they have the traction you need for control on every terrain. It’s also a good idea to regularly rotate your tires, which can help you avoid uneven wear and increase your vehicle’s lifespan.  

Test Your Battery 

Batteries also aren’t meant to last forever. At the most, they typically last five or six years, although some last even less.

We recommend regularly testing your battery to ensure it’s reliable. You certainly don’t want to discover it isn’t working once it’s too late.   

Change Your Belts and Hoses 

The belts and hoses in your vehicle deteriorate over time. This isn’t always evident in a visual inspection. It’s a good idea to replace your belts and hoses regularly to ensure they are working as they should. The ideal schedule depends on specific parts, so it’s best to check with a trained technician if yours need to be replaced.  

Is your vehicle due for routine maintenance? Reach out to our Lexus dealership in Jacksonville, FL to get all the care you need. We’d love to help!