Drivers located near our Florida Lexus dealership know we’re their local source for new Lexus cars as well as pre-owned luxury models. While we’re proud of that, we want you to know that we’re also a resource you can tap for advice about any automotive topic. Around this time of year, many motorists ask us for some fall driving tips, especially if they’re planning to travel out of state.

One of the best fall driving tips you’ll get is to be aware of wildlife along the roadway. Autumn is when deer mate and migrate, which causes them to be more active during the season. Keep an eye out for deer threatening to dart into the roadway and be prepared to stop suddenly if you’re in an area that’s heavily trafficked by deer.

Many drivers are deceived by their beauty, but leaves can actually create hazardous driving conditions when they line the roads. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice. If you’re on a street that’s littered with leaves, reduce your speed and leave extra distance between your vehicle and the automobile in front of you.

Sun glare is another problem that plagues motorists during autumn. The sun is aligned with roads that run east and west around daybreak and sunset, which can impair your view of the road. Using sunglasses can cut back on sun glare. You can reduce glare’s impact further by traveling on roads that run north or south and that have a lot of tree cover when sun glare will be at its worst.

For more advice about staying safe on the roadways this autumn, contact Lexus of Jacksonville or stop by our Lexus dealership near St. Augustine, FL to talk to our team now.