Whether you drive a 2016 Lexus ES 350, a 2016 Lexus IS, or another capable Lexus vehicle, summer is a great time to explore new areas and attractions by hitting the highway with friends and family members for a road trip. While some of America’s best road trips may take you far away from home, others are closer than you may think.

In fact, you can embark on one of the nation’s most enjoyable road trips without even leaving the state of Florida. You can take U.S. 1 to visit the Florida Keys, a 120 mile-long chain of islands. U.S. 1 will take you across 7 Mile Bridge which is one of the world’s longest bridges. You’ll also enjoy views of lighthouses and breathtaking underwater coral reef parks along your route.

With beach bars, a wide assortment of water sports, and many other attractions, the Florida Keys have something for everyone in your group of travelers. If you visit the island of Islamorada, you can even visit the Theater of the Sea and swim with dolphins.

If you want to visit a country setting you’ll never forget, you may want to take a ride along Route 100 in Vermont. Route 100 runs from Stowe, VT to the Massachusetts border. One of the best places to stop along Route 100 is Gifford Woods State Park, which is the home of a beautiful primeval forest.

If you’re heading west, you’ll want to go for a road trip along the Columbia River Scenic Highway in Oregon. This highway was built when automobiles were in their infancy and it takes you past various waterfalls. You’ll also enjoy gorgeous views of the Columbia Gorge. You can visit the historic Vista House, a rest stop that is also a memorial to the Oregon Trail’s pioneers, as well.

Before you head out for your next road trip, bring your vehicle into our Lexus dealership near Daytona Beach, FL so we can make sure your automobile is ready for your adventure. Contact Lexus of Jacksonville to schedule your next service appointment today!