As your local Lexus dealers near Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, we’re proud to tell you that two pre-owned Lexus vehicles made the top ten list of pre-owned automobiles that sell the fastest. Whether you’re looking for a new 2016 Lexus CT 200h or a 2016 Lexus RX 350, or you want a previously owned version of either vehicle, these automobiles are in high demand.

Recently, reviewed more than 2.2 million pre-owned car sales that occurred between January and May of this year to determine which pre-owned models sell the quickest. All of the sales involved pre-owned cars that were between one and three years old.

Out of all of the pre-owned vehicles that are on the market, two Lexus vehicles made the list of the top ten previously owned cars that sell the fastest, the Lexus CT 200h and the Lexus RX 350. The Lexus CT 200h took the seventh spot on the list and the Lexus RX 350 finished in the ninth spot.

According to, a previously owned vehicle that’s between one and three years old takes an average of 42.4 days to sell in the United States. Of course, we know the vehicles that the Lexus brand makes are far from average and the data shared proves it. A pre-owned Lexus RX 350 only takes an average of 29.7 days to sell while a previously owned Lexus CT 200h takes an average of just 29.4 days to sell.

It’s no surprise to us that pre-owned vehicles bearing the Lexus name move much faster than other automobiles because we know how reliable and luxurious the vehicles we sell are. If you want to see everything that a vehicle made by the Lexus brand has to offer, visit Lexus of Jacksonville. We have an inventory of new Lexus cars and a generous selection of pre-owned Lexus vehicles for you to look over.

Whether you’re shopping for a new or pre-owned automobile, we’ll help you find the vehicle that’s right for you. Visit our Florida Lexus dealership today.