If you’re looking at Lexus cars for sale, you’re probably having a lot of fun. If you’re at the point where you’re ready to take a Lexus vehicle for a test drive, you’re about to have even more fun because driving a Lexus car isn’t like driving any other automobile.

Of course, there’s more to the car buying process than looking at cars and taking a few for a test drive. There’s the financial side, too. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to figure out how much a given vehicle is going to cost you every month, there are tools available that can make calculating your approximate monthly loan payment simple. One of those tools is our Lexus payment estimator.

You can access our payment estimator by clicking the Finance tab on our website’s homepage and then selecting Lexus Payment Estimator. On the next page, you’ll need to enter your zip code and choose the Lexus automobile you’re planning to buy or lease. You’ll then need to choose whether you want to buy or lease your next vehicle.

Finally, you’ll need to enter some information such as the approximate worth of the vehicle you’re going to trade in and the balance you still owe on your current car. You’ll also need to provide your estimated credit score, the amount of your down payment, and the interest rate you expect your car loan to have. If you’re going to lease a Lexus vehicle, you’ll also need to enter the annual mileage limit you’d like to have. When you’re done, our Lexus payment estimator will show you what your loan or lease payment will be over different periods of time such as 30 and 60 months.

As Lexus dealers near Daytona Beach, FL, we know that buying or leasing a new car is exciting. We also know that doing the math involved with the final transaction can be difficult, which is why we encourage you to use our online tools, including our payment estimator. If you have questions about our Lexus payment estimator or our other online tools, give us a call or visit Lexus of Jacksonville. We’ll make every step of the car buying process easy, including all of the math involved with it.