Whether you drive a Lexus RC 350 or Lexus ES 350, all vehicles require occasional parts replacement as time passes and you rack up miles on your odometer. Some components will wear out faster the more you drive your automobile, and your brakes are not an exception in this regard.

As a general rule, your brakes will wear gradually. This means that you might not notice the slow-and-steady decline in your car’s ability to stop. For this reason, it’s wise to ask our service technicians to inspect your brakes every time you have your oil changed at Lexus of Jacksonville. By doing so, you’ll be able to stay ahead of repairs or issues, such as knowing that you’ll need to replace your brake pads or rotors before you actually need to have them replaced, which can make things much more convenient for you.

There are additional factors to look out for when it comes to brake upkeep. If you hear squeaking, squealing, or grinding coming from your wheel wells, it’s a sign that you need to bring your car into our Florida Lexus dealership.

Your brake pedal vibrating when you put your foot down or the dashboard displaying a warning light are additional indicators that there may be a problem. If your brake pads have experienced excessive wear and have lost their thickness, it’s a sign they need to be replaced. While recommendations vary by manufacturer, it’s often advisable to replace your brake pads when they’ve lost 80 percent of their original thickness, or when their thickness is down to 3/32nds of an inch.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above, make an appointment to bring your automobile into our Lexus service center near St. Augustine, FL now.