We offer a fine inventory of Lexus cars for sale here at Lexus of Jacksonville. From the commute-friendly Lexus ES 350 to the spacious Lexus RX 350, we’re sure to have just what you need in our stock. If you’re concerned with budget and costs, let us introduce you to the realm of leasing.

Sometimes, it simply makes more sense to lease a car. Approximately 30 percent of vehicles that leave dealerships are actually leased. With millions of drivers leasing automobiles every year, there must be something to it, right?

There are numerous benefits that come with leasing that may be meaningful to you. One of the most significant benefits is peace of mind. When you lease a car, your vehicle will be covered by a factory-backed warranty the entire time you drive it. No matter how expensive a repair might be, you won’t have to pay for it out of pocket; the warranty pays for any parts and labor that are required to fix your leased car.

Drivers who lease a car typically enjoy lower monthly payments than those who purchase the same vehicle. When leasing, you only pay for the depreciation value that occurs while your lease is in effect. In addition, lessees usually don’t have to put as much down as car buyers do. These things mean you can save money in both the immediate and long-term when you lease instead of buy.

To learn more about why you may want to consider leasing a new Lexus car, contact our Lexus finance center near Amelia Island, FL now. Whether you lease or buy one of our premium automobiles, we look forward to seeing you at Lexus of Jacksonville soon!