For many Lexus drivers, leasing is the best way to experience a new vehicle every few years, but what happens at the end of the term? There are multiple options available to you if you are nearing the end of your Lexus lease. Discover your Lexus lease end options at Lexus of Jacksonville.

Purchase Your Lexus Vehicle

While spending quality time driving during your Lexus lease, you may have bonded with your Lexus vehicle. At the end of the lease cycle, it may be hard to part ways, but there’s good news: you have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term agreement. With this option, you use the residual value of the vehicle to determine how much you would pay to own your vehicle outright. Our knowledgeable finance team can help give you options for purchasing your Lexus lease.

Lease a New Lexus Vehicle

One of the great options with leasing a Lexus is it allows for flexibility that purchasing doesn’t. At the end of your current Lexus lease, you can opt to lease a brand-new Lexus vehicle. This allows you to get behind the wheel of a new version of your current car or a different model, which could accommodate any life changes.

Return Your Leased Lexus at Lexus of Jacksonville

Once your lease of your Lexus has run its course, bring it back to Lexus of Jacksonville and our staff can answer any outstanding questions. Once your Lexus has been returned, we’ll be more than happy to help you with whichever option best suits your needs.

Learn More at our Jacksonville, FL Lexus Dealership

Our Lexus financing department at Lexus of Jacksonville is always happy to answer any lease questions you may have. Our goal is to ensure that you can have the Lexus of your dreams on terms that work for you and your life. Contact us today to get started!