We love it when drivers lease one of our new Lexus cars. When you lease a luxury automobile like the 2019 Lexus RC, you’ll enjoy driving a premium vehicle with benefits that only come with this type of ownership. One of those advantages is flexibility, which you’ll experience in spades when your agreement is up after one to three years.

If your lease is coming to an end, you should start preparing to return your car. While the return process varies from person to person, there’s one constant: an inspection.

Usually about 90 days before a vehicle is supposed to be returned, your lessor will inspect your vehicle to ensure the car didn’t experience excessive wear and tear while in your control, such as dings, dents, stains, and tire wear, among other things. Your inspector will provide you with a list of issues that exceed the expected wear and tear and an estimate to fix each problem.

Since the inspection is so thorough, we recommend preparing your car for it. At a minimum, you should wash your vehicle and consider having it detailed. You should also return all your vehicle’s original equipment to your automobile, such as its spare tire and owner’s manual. You have the option to repair the issues yourself to avoid paying the dealership. However, keep in mind that your insurance may cover some of the damage incurred.

Deciding your next move at the end of your lease is an invariable part of the return process. At our Lexus dealership near St. Augustine, FL, you have three main options to consider once your contract comes to a close: buy your leased vehicle at a predetermined price, lease a new model, or simply walk away.

If you need help with any step of the leasing process, from start to finish, visit Lexus of Jacksonville today. We look forward to assisting you soon!