Have you been considering a Lexus lease from Lexus of Jacksonville? If you’re looking to make your new car or SUV your new work vehicle, it may be in your best interest to lease the vehicle through your business.  

How Does Leasing Work?  

When you opt to lease a vehicle, you agree to a set amount of time that you will drive it. Then, at the end of your lease term, you’ll simply return the vehicle to the dealership and avoid the hassle of selling. 

The total investment for your lease is determined by looking at the depreciation your vehicle will see during your lease and adding applicable taxes and fees.   

What are the Benefits of a Lease?  

Leasing lets you get into a new vehicle more affordably than buying it. These savings can be particularly beneficial for professionals who want a company car in addition to their own vehicle. 

Plus, you’ll benefit from continuously upgrading your new vehicle. This can limit repair costs as you are typically covered under warranty for the duration of your lease. Plus, the advanced features that come with newer models, including navigation and smartphone integration, are ideal for business travels.  

What to Consider When Leasing Through Your Business  

There are a few extra factors you need to consider if you plan to lease through your business. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Will you drive the vehicle in your personal time?
  • What will your auto insurance cover? 
  • Which route will benefit you when filing taxes?  
  • Do you have established credit?
  • Do you drive excessively for work? Would you be able to stay inside of mileage restrictions?

Still have questions? Reach out to our Jacksonville Lexus dealership – we’re happy to help!