If you drive one of our stunning Lexus vehicles, we already know how much you love your car. It can be disheartening when something happens to your vehicle, so if you’re ever faced with a cracked windshield, our Lexus service professionals at Lexus of Jacksonville have a few tips to help.   

Stop It from Spreading 

Your windshield stays in place by evenly distributing its pressure. A crack in its surface causes a break in that pressure, which can cause the crack to spread.

You can temporarily seal the crack with super glue or even clear nail polish to help prevent it from worsening. Keep in mind that this is merely a temporary solution until you can get it fixed.  

Proceed with Caution 

If your windshield is cracked, it’s important to drive with caution. Try to avoid potholes and curbs as well as quickly slamming on your brakes. It’s also wise to stay off of dirt or gravel roads that could kick up a lot of debris. 

Extreme temperatures and the sun can also cause a crack to worsen, so park in the shade or in a garage whenever possible. 

Get a Repair or Replacement 

It’s important to have your windshield repaired as soon as possible because it is prone to worsen over time. If the crack isn’t too severe, we can simply repair your windshield for you at our Lexus service center.

A special resin can fill the crack and restore the durability of your windshield. If it has gotten too severe, however, we do recommend replacing it. We are happy to help with that as well.  

Do you need a windshield repair or replacement? Visit our Lexus dealership in Jacksonville, FL today. We’ll have it looking like new in no time!