While we don’t experience chilly weather often around our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership often, we do suffer through extreme heat regularly during the summer. For this reason, drivers often comment that they struggle to keep the cabin of their parked car cool this time of year.

Luckily, you can do some things to help your cabin stay cool even when your car isn’t running. For starters, you can park in the shade or under some other kind of cover. In case you can’t find a covered spot, it’s wise to pick up a sunshade.

Sunshades are widely available for the windshields of many types of vehicles. If you have to park in the sunlight, park so that the front of your car is pointed in the direction of the sun. This will allow your sunshade to block the sun’s rays from entering your cabin. To get the most out of your sunshade, position it so that its reflective side faces your car’s interior.

Depending on where you park, you might be able to keep your windows open. If you’re not comfortable leaving them all the way down, leave them cracked just slightly. If your car has a moonroof or sunroof, you can leave it cracked a bit as well. Just be sure you check the weather before you park your car so you’re not surprised with a wet cabin when you return to your automobile.

Having been Lexus dealers near Ponte Vedra Beach, FL for so long, we have another great tip for you—travel with some bottled water and a rag. When you return to a hot cabin, you can cool the surfaces by wetting your steering wheel, seats, and belt buckles with some water. The water will cool those surfaces as it evaporates.

For more cabin-cooling tips, contact our Florida Lexus dealership or visit Lexus of Jacksonville today.