Whether you drive a 2019 Lexus IS or Lexus GX, anything can happen on the road; occurrences totally out of your control. It’s unfortunate, but it’s normally not a matter of if you’ll encounter a hazard, it’s usually a matter of when you’ll come across one.

Even if you’re a seasoned motorist, it can still be unnerving when you encounter a dangerous situation behind the wheel. To make things less stressful, it’s helpful to know what you should do if you come upon certain hazards before you actually encounter them.

At our Lexus dealership near Amelia Island, FL, we hear stories about drivers texting, flossing their teeth, or weaving needlessly between cars. People who do these and similar fall into the category of reckless drivers. When you see someone driving recklessly, let the person pass and keep a safe distance between that individual’s car and your own.

Potholes are another danger people mention often. Potholes can appear overnight when the conditions are right so it’s never wise to assume that a route you travel frequently will be free of potholes from one day to the next. If you see a pothole ahead, slow down, change lanes, and drive around the obstacle. If you can’t get around it, drive through the pothole slowly to avoid damaging your automobile.

Just like should drive around a pothole when you can, you should do the same if you see large debris in your path. While it’s okay to drive over a discarded water bottle, doing the same with other kinds of rubbish may harm your car.

For more tips about reacting to road hazards, contact Lexus of Jacksonville now.