Whether you’re shopping for a new Lexus car or a pre-owned Lexus automobile, Lexus of Jacksonville should be your go-to destination. We not only have the latest Lexus models in our showroom; we also have several pre-owned Lexus vehicles for sale as well.

If you already have an automobile, you may want to consider trading it in and using the proceeds to offset the cost of another vehicle. Many motorists choose to do that because it minimizes or even eliminates the need to pay anything out-of-pocket later on.

Know the Value of Your Trade-In

It’s a good idea to learn how much your current automobile is worth before you attempt to trade it in. While that may sound like a hassle, it really isn’t. Instead, just use the Value Your Trade tool on our website.

To use our tool, simply input some basic information about your car, such as its make and model year. The key is to ensure the information you enter is as accurate as possible because the results will rely on the accuracy of the data you include.

Calculate Your Equity

Once you know your car’s value, calculating your equity – or the amount you’ll be able to use as your down payment – is a breeze. Simply subtract the outstanding balance of your existing car loan from your automobile’s estimated value to get an idea of what your equity is.

Visit our Jacksonville, FL Lexus Dealership

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