Motorists looking for Lexus cars for sale will find what they’re searching for at our Lexus dealership near Amelia Island, FL. We carry a full inventory of new Lexus automobiles and a generous selection of pre-owned Lexus vehicles, including certified pre-owned Lexus cars. While we like helping people shop for Lexus vehicles, it’s equally enjoyable to tell you about everything the Lexus brand is doing behind the scenes.

The Lexus Culinary Masters program is something we’re thrilled to tell you about. The Lexus Culinary Masters are food experts who act as ambassadors for the Lexus brand. By creating outstanding culinary experiences, these high-profile ambassadors demonstrate the Lexus brand’s core values, which include quality, innovation, prestige, luxury, and performance. The automaker’s ambassadors also proudly represent the Lexus brand at food and wine events throughout the United States and appear in marketing campaigns.

Earlier this month, the Lexus brand announced a new addition to its team of culinary masters, Ludo Lefebvre. Lefebvre is a renowned chef, TV personality, and author. The team’s newest addition will make his first appearance at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival where he’ll work with Chef Dean Fearing to show off the flavors of the French Quarter.

“Chef Ludo’s dynamic personality and unending creativity will be a fabulous addition to the group of incredible chefs, and we know that so many Lexus enthusiasts have already been touched by his work,” says Lisa Materazzo, Lexus vice president of marketing. “We look forward to his contribution and the future of Lexus Culinary Masters.”

To learn more about the Lexus Culinary Masters program, contact our Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership. To find a new or new-to-you Lexus vehicle you’ll love having in your driveway, head over to Lexus of Jacksonville on Atlantic Boulevard today.